"} Get a life, Get active! By Fit Lesley: Day 2 done and dusted

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day 2 done and dusted

When I got in from work this afternoon I decided to go for a run before it started to rain again - it has been on and off all day and the sky was looking ominous so off I set!  After crying from the cold on my last 2 runs I decided to put an extra layer on tonight! Would you believe I was too hot!  One day I'm too cold, the next I'm too hot - I wanna be just right! 

Anyhow, I managed just over 6 miles - albeit slowly and luckily it didn't rain!  You can view my run here. Once home I had a shower, before remembering I had day 2 of the core workout to complete! I managed to do it but it felt so much harder than yesterdays attempt!  I hope it doesn't feel this much harder every day or I could be in severe pain by the end of the 14 days!

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