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Monday, 31 December 2012

The last run of 2012!

I have just done my last run of 2012!  It was only 3.3 miles but felt much further - it was wet, cold, windy and horrible - my legs really weren't willing but I did it all the same!

 ... so time to see whether I succeeded with my 2012 miles in 2012 challenge!

I am pleased to report I DID IT! Not just with running but with running, walking and cycling! A couple of months ago I was beginning to doubt whether I would achieve it at all, even with all activities being taken into account but luckily I pulled my finger out and did!

The final mileage was:

Running:  1057.75
Walking: 519.40
Cycling: 459.10
Total for 2012 = 2036.25 miles

If I take ALL activities into account I can add these miles
Swimming: 10.40
Rowing: 14.40

Making a grand total of 2061.05 miles
PLUS 40 hours “non-mileage” exercise such as pilates, steps and circuit training!

I'm chuffed with myself!!

It’s also that time of year to review my fitness resolutions of 2012 and set new ones for 2013.  

How did I get on?  

Did I achieve them all and did I sneak any additional challenges in?

         2012 Highs:
Getting a sub 2 for a Half Marathon.
Finishing my first full Marathon.
Getting a PB for the Keswick to Barrow 40 mile challenge!

        2012 Lows: 
Not getting in on the Ballot for the London Marathon.
Not achieving my goal for a sub 50 minute 10K.
Pulling out of the Fred Whitton four seasons cycling challenge due to hazardous weather. 

These were my goals for 2012, and the outcome of my efforts!

Run another Half Marathon and improve my time substantially! I didn't just run one half marathon I ran a total of 4.  I improved my time by 23 minutes 56 seconds!

Run 2012 miles! I have had a successful running year but still did not manage to run 2012 miles. As well as my 4 Half marathons, I ran 4 x 10K races, a 10 mile race and even completed a full marathon.  I think running 2012 miles was always going to be over ambitious!  

Cycle 2012 miles!  As I concentrated on running and entered many races my cycling was neglected!  I didn't come anywhere near this total!

Complete another Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge! Unfortunately I didn't achieve this as I didn't have the time to train alongside marathon training.

Complete another Three Counties Cycle Challenge and improve my time substantially!  I did do the three counties challenge again but I didn't improve my time.  

Complete the Fred Whitton Four Seasons Cycle Challenge! I had this booked and even received the timing chip and maps but unfortunately the weather was horrendous on the days I was due to do it and with high winds and floods I decided it was too dangerous and not worth the risk!

Finish Keswick to Barrow 40 mile walk in sub 9 hours! I part walked and part ran this and managed to do it in  8 hours and 24 minutes.  

Complete the Wainwright 's Fell Challenge! I didn't achieve this due to my husband needing a knee operation and he was unable to walk any distance for several months. I have reset this goal’s completion date to 3rd may 2017 – my 50th Birthday!

As mentioned earlier I actually ran my first full marathon during 2012 in 4 hours 21 minutes, although this was not on my list of goals!

I have decided that in 2013 I will be focusing my efforts on gaining speed and getting my 10k road time under 50 mins & road half marathon time under 1:50hrs - great to have my target in place and some purpose to my winter running!!

Fitness resolutions for 2013:
Compete in a duathlon.
Experiment with off-road running.
Run another Marathon and improve my time: aim for a sub 4 hour time!
Run a sub 50 minute 10K road race.
Run a sub 1:50 Half Marathon
Compete in a triathlon.
Run 12 races in 12 months.

What worked in 2012:  Following a detailed marathon and half marathon training plan with specific goals in mind. Experimenting with gels and recovery drinks, and finding out what worked for me! Hill Training improved my running stamina.

What didn't work in 2012: Speed training (running), any Cycle training.

Keep Doing: Follow training plans and set goals. Lots of hill training.
Start Doing: Becoming involved with the Tri club!  Start training with them – swimming, circuits, running, Turbo Training, cycling.
Stop Doing: Being negative and comparing myself to others! Making excuses!

Requirements (aims) to successfully accomplish goals for 2013: 
12 minute 500m (20 lengths) swim 
43 minute 18K Cycle 
25 min 5k off bike Run
Under 9 minute mile pace running long distance
Under 8 minute miles over 10k (or shorter) distances.
Retain resting heart rate at around 48 BPM, if goes above 58 REST.
Familiarisation with transition techniques.

My Strengths: Consistent when following training plan and motivated by challenges.
My Weaknesses
Lack of speed in all 3 disciplines for a Triathlon! 
Not confident in my swimming ability. 
No experience with transitions. 
Always “holding” back and not pushing myself 100% during training and races.  Always feel I have more to give at the end but I am reluctant to push too hard in case I overdo it and “hit the wall”. 

Areas to improve: 
Make each training session count! In the past whilst training for running all my runs have tended to be “mediocre” with no differentiation between hard days and easy days. Make a conscious effort to change this! Train more using Heart Rate monitor and identify the training zones each workout corresponds to, ensuring a mix of all zones.  Ensure some workouts are in HR zone 5 to develop speed and power.
Improve swimming technique and speed.  Aim for 2 minutes 25 seconds for 100m front crawl. 
Increase cycle cadence and learn to change gears more appropriately. 
Increase cycling average speed to 15MPH.
Increase road running average pace to 8 min/miles.
Improve skills required to drink and take on energy gels whilst on bike.
Practice transitions. Running with a bike, changing shoes etc

So that's me motivated for another busy year! The new year kicks off tomorrow with Janathon!! This year instead of running every day I am going to run, swim or cycle everyday to fit in with my Triathlon Training.

So all I need to say now is: 

and have fun keeping fit in 2013!!!

Bring on 2013!

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