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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I can't run ... but I can still blog!

Bored doesn't even begin to describe how I feel at the moment!  Hence why I keep driveling on in this blog!  Apologies to all my readers - normal service will resume soon - I HOPE!

On a positive note (yes I know I have been a miserable cow recently!) yesterday I got an e-mail that made me smile! 

It was from "Sport in Action" the company who organised the Carlisle Resolution 10K run that I had to cancel due to my injury (have I mentioned I'm injured?!).  I had sent them an email prior to the run to cancel my place in an attempt not to get a DNS next to my name in the results table!  I failed but hey ho the reply I got back restored my faith in human kindness!  They have emailed back offering their best wishes and telling me what a good day i had missed (charming!) and offering me a free place on the Longtown 10 mile race in April!!! I hadn't expected anything from them, I was just trying to avoid getting a DNS! Thank you Sport in Action you have given me something to look forward to!!  Fingers crossed I am fit to run!

In the many hours I have had lying incapacitated on the sofa I have been thinking about what caused my injury in order for me to avoid it in the future! The only thing I can think of is I was wearing my new trail trainers for their second outing.  I wasn't off road but because there was a little bit of snow and ice around I thought they would be good for the extra grip and stability.  Has this somehow caused my injury?  Seems too much like a coincidence to me!  

Back to the Doctors tomorrow!  Fingers crossed it is good news!  I have been trying to do the exercises given to me by the hospital but the ankle doesn't seem too willing at the moment!! 

Well I suppose I will go back to looking at Marathon training plans for York in October and praying that I will one day be fit to run!

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