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Monday, 14 January 2013

Janathon day 14 - Beware of Zombies!

Roclite™ 275 GTX®
Tonight when I got home from work I was excited to see the trainers that I had ordered had arrived ... but ssshhhh don't tell Mr W! He often says "How many pairs of trainers do you need?" . He just doesn't get it!! I used to have a handbag fetish but now it's trainers! I decided that since one of my 2013 goals was to do some off-road running I needed some trail trainers to do this in!  I opted for Innov8 ones because my last few pairs of road trainers have been this make and I like them!  We have had a couple of days snow so the paths were still fairly slippy so I decided to try out my trainers!  I felt much more steady on the ice than usual and even went along a muddy track to christen them and felt remarkably safe and didn't feel like I was going to end up on my bum! I am a happy bunny with my new purchase! Just need to do some trails now!

My son who is currently home from uni has persuaded me to buy an app (because it was half price!) for my i phone that will benefit my running (I hope)! 

I should know NOT to take notice of him but obviously the first flush of having my boy back from Uni hasn't dimmed yet and I did as he suggested! He had read great reviews on the Zombies Run app so I invested my pennies because I need all the help I can get with increasing my speed. 

I tried the app for the first time tonight! The app itself is a mix of a tracking device for your runs (similar to Runkeeper) and a computer game.

I started looking through the options in the app. The first thing I noticed was that I had to turn on the zombie chases. When I went to do so, it had me promise that I wasn't going to be so startled by zombies that I would accidentally panic and run into oncoming traffic.  If the zombie chase was optional, what else was in this app?  I still haven't really worked this one out!

I selected to have music playing behind the app but in hindsight I think it would be better without music but I will have to give it a go before I can confirm.  

Shoelaces tied, headphones in, GPS found ... start game!  I was off! 

The premise is the world has been overrun by zombies and there are small bases of humans, trying to survive. They send runners out to gather supplies. Every run you take is a mission, I was very dubious about what I was entering into which is why I did this run in the light (wasn't sure how scary being chased by zombies in the dark would be!). 

The story began and I started running.  I  must confess I didn't pay too much attention to the story (too busy concentrating on running) but was intrigued by all the supplies I was picking up along the way and wondered what they would enable me to do once I  got home! 

I had been running for about 10 minutes when I got the first zombie alert and typically I was just starting to climb a hill!  I could hear them getting closer with heavy breathing and grunts and groans! As I was going up a hill it was very difficult to speed up to get away and alas ... I was caught! But fear not -  I didn't die I just lost all the supplies I had collected! PHEW!!! 

I found myself wanting to shout back when he was saying "Runner 5 are you ready?", or "Runner 5 I can't see you are you alive?".  I will have to be careful not to get too involved with the story in case I start interacting!

I ran for 4 miles and in that time I was chased by zombies 5 times!  I managed to escape twice and was caught the other 3!  A fantastic way for an interval shy girl to integrate interval training into a workout!!  I really enjoyed the app and can't wait to run again and the next time I WILL get away on EVERY occasion!  I am determined! 

Once home I synced my I-phone with the PC and tried to work out what to do with the supplies I had collected ... this is still a mystery to me but I am sure I will soon work it out!!! 

I completed one mission during this workout and I am excited about completing more ... does that make me sad?

I ran 4.17 miles and you can view my first Zombie run here.

After showering and changing I went out to a circuits class, my adrenaline must have still been flowing from being chased by zombies!!! I felt energised and ready to take on the world!

I know this might sound gross but I have had an issue with my running clothes and ... odour!  I always run in technical running clothes that wick the sweat away from my body but the downside of  this is they seem to trap the sweat in their fibres instead! I find that my clothes can still smell unpleasant even after washing them several times!  It is especially noticeable as soon as I start to sweat in them again when I am in the gym or at a circuits class. A stale smell seems to permeate up through my nostrils making me very self conscious that other people think I smell too. 

I wouldn't mind so much if I used cheap washing powders but I always buy a "brand" such as Persil, Ariel or Daz and none of them do what they say on the tin, well not as far as my sweaty running clothes go!  I was at the point (to the horror of my husband) where I was going to throw all  my running stuff away and replace with new, but as a last resort I asked on a Facebook running site if anyone else suffered with this problem or if I am just an exceptionally smelly beast.  I was amazed to hear how many other people have the same issue (Phew I am normal!) and a special sports washing detergent was recommended to me!

I Googled to see where I could buy some and ended up ordering from Wiggle. This Halo Sports Wash really did the trick and my running clothes now have a new lease of life!  I'm often allergic to things I use on my skin, so I was pleased that I have had no adverse skin reactions either! I now use it for all my sports clothes and smell like a rose all the time!! I would definitely recommend it if anyone has an odour issue!

Running miles today: 4.17
Time:  38 minutes 49 seconds

Average Pace: 9.17 min/mile

Non mileage exercise: 1 hour circuits

Total Janathon Running miles: 44.84  / 80 running miles
Total Janathan Walking miles: 24.21 / 30 walking miles
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 44.41/ 130 cycling miles
Total Janathon Swimming miles: 2.74 / 10 swimming miles

Total Janathon non-mileage exercise: 2 hours Circuits

Total Janathon mileage: 116.20


  1. I love Zombies, Run. I have only one mission and a handful of supply missions left! It has all gotten very tense! I'll not give anything away but at least two of the missions made me cry.

    1. Oooohhh very exciting! Maybe you can help me with building my base! I understand that I need to transfer my supplies to one of the places but does it matter what goes where? i.e does the first aid kit have to go in the hospital? Is it best to build up each area evenly rather than have 100% in one and 0% in the others? Questions, questions! Confused.com! Your help would be much appreciated.