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Sunday, 24 February 2013

It's not getting any easier!

People say things get easier given time ... 

Life is  not getting ANY easier, and it is taking too long to heal this bloody ankle! 

I need to RUN! I need to run NOW!

Fed up with sitting around feeling sorry for myself I decided to have a little go on my bike. 

I have lost all my confidence.  

I was frightened to clip my feet into my pedals in case the action of unclipping tweaked my ankle, so cycled on the flat side of my pedals.  

I felt unsafe in traffic and unfit in general. 

I had so many negative thoughts going through my head I really didn't enjoy the experience. I was cold, tired and nervous and I thought "What the hell am I doing this for?".  It only took a few flakes of snow to persuade me to go home after a measly very slow 6 miles. 

This pathetic attempt of a ride can be seen here.

However, lets be positive -  at least my ankle or tendon isn't objecting!

After weeks of inactivity and comfort eating I need to get a grip!  

After 38 non-running days I only have 5 to survive before I can go for a little run! Whooooo Hooooo!

In those five days I am going to try and eat a healthy diet and regain some fitness by persevering on my bike, go swimming and for some fast walks.

Next week I was supposed to be cycling in the Eden Valley Epic Sportive but my Physio said it really wasn't a good idea at this stage in my recovery.  I begrudgingly cancelled my place and was pleasantly surprised and delighted to be given a full refund as I had cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances!  

There is still some people with a kind heart in the world!!

It's my third event I have had to cancel, I hope it is the last!

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