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Thursday, 14 February 2013

What next ...

Valentines DayHappy Valentines Day everybody!  

Just a quick update!  After being in severe pain for a month and still not being able to walk far, let alone run, I decided to take action and went to see a sports physiotherapist today!

A slightly painful experience at times, but it feels better for it now, although that may be because its taped up to keep things in place!!  I have been given some more exercises to follow and another appointment for more manipulation to drain more fluid! 

Apparently the initial ligament damage diagnosis I got from the hospital was a load of pants! I actually have a ruptured tendon as well as ligament damage! 

He said it was a good job I had decided against walk/running the Mad Dog last week, as he didn't think I would have finished even with it taped up! 

So ... at least another month of no running!

Yesterday as a way to cheer myself up I met a friend in Manchester for what was supposed to be a bit of girlie banter and relaxation. However, just like everything else in my life at the moment this didn't go according to plan.  I met my friend and we headed straight to Costa.  I put my handbag on the little coffee table in front of us and then relaxed on a nice leather sofa with a Cappuccino!  About 10 minutes later this foreign geezer came up to us waving leaflets in our faces trying to sell us things.  We kept saying no and tried to get him to leave us alone.  He took some getting rid of, and I felt relieved to see him go ... until I noticed my i-phone had gone too! Devastated I spoke to the Costa manageress who very blazay about it and said "Oh yes, he has been in before doing the same thing!" - errrrr excuse me then ban him from your premises and protect your innocent customers! I couldn't believe it! Anyhow I contacted Vodafone to block the phone and the police to report it.  The police gave me an incident number and said they would ring me back with a crime reference so I could make an insurance claim. They rang me this morning saying that in order to ensure it isn't a fraudulent claim they would have to give me a face to face interview.  i explained that I didn't live in Manchester and it would be a 4 hour round trip and with the expense of getting there could I have an interview with local Police here.  I got told that if I couldn't be bothered to go in to see them I couldn't get a reference and therefore cannot claim.  I explained that it wasn't a case of not being bothered but with work commitments it wasn't possible.  Basically that is tough so unless I spend more money on train fares I cannot make an insurance claim. Then to add insult to injury he said "from your description of him we know who he is ... he does this a lot! We arrest him every now and then!" 

Not bloody good enough if you then release him and he keeps doing it!!  He has obviously sussed out the police will do nothing about it so he keeps doing it!

His rights as a criminal top trumps my rights as a victim!  GGGRRRRRRR! 


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  2. How sorry I am Lesley. That is despicable treatment both from the staff and the police. I cannot believe (actually I can) how that scum has more rights than you. I would never go in a Costa again as they obviously encourage this sort of behaviour by not banning him and others like him.
    On another note. I hope your leg is soon better and your back running again as I really enjoy reading your blogs. You make me laugh at the antics..... Good luck and I hope you get sorted with a phone.

    Cheers Di.