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Thursday, 11 July 2013

I'm so impressed with myself!!!

Last night I was very brave and decided that I had faffed around quite long enough on the entering a "proper" Triathlon front and confidently logged on to the internet to book one!  However I was foiled at the first hurdle! They asked me for my 500 metres swim time ... errrr I have no idea ... to just put SLOW was not an option!

So tonight I went swimming armed with my pool mate watch to enlighten me on my current speed! It has been another hot day so I was pleased to be plunging into a refreshingly cool pool. 

Thankfully it was fairly quiet.  I entered one of the lanes, started my pool mate off and swam! I struggled for the first couple of lengths to get my breathing under control.  I think timing myself put pressure on me and I couldn't concentrate on my stroke initially.  I eventually settled down into it and before I knew it I had completed my first set of 20 lengths.  I had a minute or 2 rest and then set off to do another set of 20.  By the time I had finished I had in fact swam 4 sets of 20 lengths totalling 2000 metres.

These are my times:

Set 1: 12:48
Set 2: 13:47
Set 3: 14:28
Set 4: 14.08

Looking back to October 2012 when I first starting swimming in order to train for a triathlon my 500 metre (20 lengths) time was an incredibly slow 33 minutes and 35 seconds! 

I was so chuffed when I saw this huge improvement as I had it in my head that I wasn't improving when clearly I am! 

In 8 months I have knocked 21 minutes 27 seconds off my swimming time and that is with a 2 month break because of my ankle injury!

So back to booking a Triathlon now that I have a time to insert!  

I was looking at last years results for the tri I am interested in and the swimming times varied from the fastest being 6 minutes 15 seconds and the slowest being 16 minutes 55 seconds.  My 12:48 time would be quite respectable I feel!

I also decided to look back in my blog to the end of last year to remind me what goals I had set myself.

These are them!

Fitness resolutions for 2013:
Compete in a duathlon.
Experiment with off-road running.
Run another Marathon and improve my time: aim for a sub 4 hour time!
Run a sub 50 minute 10K road race.
Run a sub 1:50 Half Marathon
Compete in a triathlon.
Run 12 races in 12 months.

Requirements (aims) to successfully accomplish goals for 2013: 
12 minute 500m (20 lengths) swim 
43 minute 18K Cycle 
25 min 5k off bike Run
Under 9 minute mile pace running long distance
Under 8 minute miles over 10k (or shorter) distances.
Retain resting heart rate at around 48 BPM, if goes above 58 REST.
Familiarisation with transition techniques.

I am getting close to my 12 minute 500m swim goal, I have had a little bit of transition technique training from the Try-a-tri I completed, I regularly monitor my resting Heart Rate and I need to work on the rest!

On another totally irrelevant note ...

The Queen is coming to Kendal!  This is very exciting for a sleepy little town like Kendal as no one important ever visits!  

Apparently her last visit to Kendal was 57 years ago - so I think we are long overdue a little bit of her Majesty's attention! Even more exciting is a child from our school has been selected to meet her and give her a posy AND the rest of the school are going into town to watch her go past!!! 

I must get a flag to wave!!! 

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