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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Keep on Icing!

I got up this morning and was upset when I realised a miracle hadn't happened overnight!

My ankle is very sore and I'm limping more than I was last night! I am still icing it regularly, taking Ibroprofen and just praying! 

Really, really don't know what to do anymore!

I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard when you can't do something that you enjoy and it is also a major stress buster in your life.

I was distraught last night after my diastrous run and my husband just wasn't getting it!  

I made him splutter and rethink when I said 

"OK, if its no big deal that I can't do my hobby why don't you give up your hobby of drinking beer and watching football on TV until I can!"

Funnily enough he didn't agree to this deal! 

But then again we would both be hell to live with if he did! 

Instead I will just make him suffer - loads!

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