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Saturday, 21 September 2013


I haven't run for weeks but I have just lost a whole toenail and it HURTS!!!!!  What's that all about?!!

Yesterday I received my running number for the Great Cumbrian Run which is a Half Marathon!  I really like my number so I am hoping to be fit enough to run it albeit slowly! Fingers crossed! 

Last night I decided to go swimming rather than attempt any high impact exercise! 

I was delighted that there was only 5 people in the pool!  Obviously everyone else has better things to do on a Friday night than go swimming! Anyhow I managed the most lengths I have ever swam - 90 which is 2250 metres or 1.40 miles and it took me an hour!  At the moment I can't even run that distance so I am chuffed with this minor achievement!

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