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Monday, 24 February 2014

Week 15 Marathon Training

and it's going be a struggle!  

I have such a busy week and weekend coming up I really don't know how I am going to manage to run the 25 miles stipulated on the training plan, but I promise you I will find a way - somehow!  

A busy life isn't going to stop me achieving even if it means getting up at silly O'clock to run in the mornings! After all there is only 40 days separating me from a PB Marathon!

I started the ball rolling tonight after work with a swift 5 miler!  

Monday's are usually dedicated to swimming but I have had to double-up this week, and would you believe after a beautifully sunny day the moment I stepped outside it started to rain!! 

A little bit of rain and a slight breeze weren't going to stop me and in the end I was chuffed with my run as I managed to keep all the mile splits under 9 minute miles.  In fact I did 8:17, 824, 8:35, 8:46, 8:55 minute miles which works out an average of 8:34 minute miles. That will do me!

I had a couple hours rest before going to the Tri Club Swimming Session.  I wasn't sure how I would cope after already expending alot of my energy on the run!

When I got there i thought it was fairly ironic after booking "The Great North Swim" that tonight's focus was on Open Water Skills!

After doing a warm up set, followed by "drills" we moved onto sighting, no touch turns then the hard one ... we were swimming 2 lengths hauling ourselves out the pool from the deep end touching the wall getting back in and repeating!  It made me realise I have absolutely no upper body strength and perhaps I need to start doing some press ups!

I am absolutely exhausted tonight but I am not surprised after doing a 1700 metres (1.06 miles) swim plus a 5 mile fast run!  

I am on it!

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