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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Another double whammy!

Tonight I managed a double fitness session.  

A run swiftly followed by Yoga!

The plan said a 4 mile "easy" run.  I couldn't believe it when i went to put my Garmin on and the screen was blank!  No amount of prodding and poking of all variations of buttons would reset it so I was forced to run "naked".  

Running "Naked"?Well to be honest I went semi naked!  

I had Runkeeper on my i-phone so I would have a record of the distance and pace I ran but I didn't wear headphones so whilst running I was oblivious to how fast or far I was running!  

After running for the past few years I am very aware of the approximate distances of  certain routes so I knew I would do the correct distance or thereabouts it was just the pace I was blind to.

I set off and was amazed at how windy it had become!  I am sure the wind waits for me to step out the door to go for a run before deciding to build itself into a frenzy!  

During the run I must admit to looking at my blank wrist expecting to see my Garmin - over and over again!  It certainly wasn't clicking with my brain that it wasn't there today!  Definitely learned behaviour!  However, it was nice to run at the pace my body dictated without trying to speed up or slow down accordingly!

I battled on against the wind and felt a frisson of excitement when I got home and I got my I-phone out my back pocket!  

What pace had I run?  

The distance was a good estimate as I had managed 4.53 miles but I was amazed that what I thought was an easy run made hard due to the strong wind was actually a fairly swift run (for me) at an average 8.55 minute mile pace and that included going up a big hill too!  Perhaps going naked is the way forward!

After a quick shower and a short rest it was time to go to Yoga!  

With running 20 miles on Sunday, swimming Monday, running 5 miles last night and 4 tonight my legs were feeling fairly stiff so it felt amazing to stretch them in some of the Yoga poses!

Unfortunately I got a really irritating tickly cough right in the middle of the relaxation session so I didn't relax as much as I would have liked and I dare say nobody else did either!  Whoops!

I am pleased to report after a bit more fiddling I managed to reset my Garmin and it is working again - for now!  

Fingers crossed!  

I can't even begin to entertain running a marathon naked!!!

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