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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Another double!

Tonight I didn't mess around when I got home! As soon as I had walked the dog I got changed into my running stuff and set off! 

Thankfully it wasn't raining but it was another windy one!  My plan was to do 6 miles but I didn't really have a route in mind so I just ran where my legs took me!  I am a dog owner and a dog lover but I feel really strongly that if people have badly behaved dogs then they should be kept on a lead and not allowed to roam free! 

Tonight whilst running along a cycle and pedestrian track I was barked at, followed and jumped up by a couple of dogs in two separate incidents.  Both times the owners laughed and said they were just playing!  Err excuse me, I don't want to play and I DON'T see it as playing!  Its very intimidating when you don't know how a dog is going to react - especially when they are fairly large!

Anyhow, I managed 6.31 miles at an average pace of 8:55 minute miles. My fastest mile was @ a 8:53 minute mile pace so my pace was fairly consistent! I dare say it would have been faster without bloody dogs stopping me in my tracks!

After a shower and a short recovery period I went to Yoga!  I really enjoyed it and I genuinely feel like it does my running legs the world of good but tonight they were doing headstands!!

This turned out to be a total no-no for me! 

There was 3 different variations an "basic easy", "intermediate" and then the full Monty of a proper head stand! 

I have decided my balance isn't good enough or my head flat enough as I couldn't even do the basic easy one!  I was the only one in the whole class who couldn't do any and there were several smart arse's who could do the full thing and looked rock solid too! 

I got told to practice at home ... I think that's one for after the marathon!  I don't want to sustain a crocked neck or back at this stage in the game!

One more run tomorrow then I get to rest until Monday and have a fun-filled running-free weekend!

Bring it on!

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