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Friday, 16 May 2014

Gruffalo trail!

Today, I had an amazing day! 

We went on a school trip with year One to Grisedale Forest and went on a Gruffalo hunt along a Gruffalo trail! 

The first challenge board asked the children to move like the various animals in the story - they loved stomping like a Gruffalo the best! 

We then played hide and seek behind the trees - the adults hid and the children found us ( we didn't want to risk the children hiding so well that we couldn't find them!). We also made animal dens and did some woodland art along the way! I was rather disappointed with the actual Gruffalo at the end  - I am sure they could have made a better effort!

However, the kids all had a great day and were very well behaved (we walked 2 miles and there was no complaining!)  and as an added bonus the sun shone on us too!

When I got home I was on such a high from having so much fun I even had the energy to go for a run! 

Unfortunately, it is recorded as 2 separate runs!  One which is only 0.78 miles and the other is 4.16 miles totaling 4.94 miles!   

I am going out tonight for a meal with friends from work but I realised once I was home that I didn't have any money to go out with so decided that I would stop off at the cash point machine on my run killing two birds with one stone.  However, not being totally confident in the workings of my new Garmin yet I mistakenly pressed stop instead of pause hence why I have 2 runs for one! 

Not that it matters! For my short run I did 8.34 minute miles and for my long run I did 8.37 minute miles.  I was particularly chuffed to have maintained the pace on the longer run as there was a rather steep hill in the middle that nearly killed me off!  

It was a very hot afternoon and I didn't take a drink with me which was a mistake as I was gagging by the time I got home!

Hoping to do a long off road run tomorrow - here's hoping the sun is still shining and I don't have too much of a hangover to contend with!!!

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