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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Another Lake Swim Conquered!

It has been another hot and sunny day so I was looking forward to my Thursday evening training dip in Lake Windermere!

What I don't understand is despite it being a fantastic day the lake was very choppy!  How does that work?

I was expecting clear, calm and warm waters!  It was warm at 18C but certainly not calm however surprisingly - I was!

This was my 6th lake swim and with each week that passes I get more confident and tonight it barely registered I was in Open Water except for the slap in the face every time I breathed to the left! But what a fantastic place to swim!

I took it fairly easy and only did 0.65 mile but my arms are feeling extremely tired again!  I think I might have to start doing some arm strengthening exercises if I am going to get stronger at this Open Water Lark!

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