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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Week 5 Marathon Training complete!

Today was a rest day according to the plan. 

One I was grateful for on 2 counts! 

Firstly I woke up this morning feeling exhausted with absolutely no energy and secondly the weather has been horrendous!  I wouldn't have liked to have been out running in it! 

Despite running whilst on holiday I have found this first week back exceptionally hard work!

However, I have kept at it and my Week 5 stats look like this:

Running: 33.00 miles in 4 runs
(0  trail runs and 33.00 miles in 4 road runs).
Walking: 16.98 Miles

Swimming: 2.83 miles
(0 open water and 2.83 pool).
Cycling: 4.39 miles (indoor)
Rowing: 0.62 miles (indoor)

Total Weekly Training Miles:  57.82 Miles

My total training for the marathon to date since 7th July 2014 is:

Running : 143.68 miles (16.14m trail and 127.54m road).
Swimming: 5.03 miles (0.94m open water and 4.09m pool).
Walking: 70.59 miles

Cycling: 4.39 miles (4.39m Indoor)
Rowing: 0.62 miles (0.62m Indoor)

Total Training Miles: 224.30 Miles


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